10 Legendary Dance Scenes in Anime, Ranked

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10 Legendary Dance Scenes in Anime, Ranked


There are many truly famous dance scenes in Naruto Shippuden because a superb dance performance is a terrific way to convey the bond between two characters.

A genuinely iconic dance scene doesn’t have to revolve around ballet or ballroom dancing in an anime. Dancing is a very expressive art form. A common way to bring a reluctant couple closer is through ballroom dancing, particularly in historical anime when couples hardly ever interact in person outside of courtly dances.

Additionally, dancing may be quite artistic. It offers the audience a chance to take it easy, take in some stirring and epic music, and observe the characters as they work through their feelings. When animating dance scenes, some anime go to considerable lengths to ensure that the choreography is precise and fluid. This is especially true when the scenes are based on ballet and other classical or folk dances.

10) Junpei Dances The Pas De Deux For The First Time
Dance Dance Dancer
When Junpei receives the opportunity to perform the first pas de deux from the ballet Swan Lake in Dance Dance Danseur, he is ecstatic. To Miyako’s Odette, he dances in the part of Prince Siegfried. In addition to coaching the dancers on how to feel and react as their characters on stage, their instructor narrates the scene.

The classic choreography of Odette and Siegfried combined with tasteful animation in Dance Dance Danseur will be instantly recognisable and appreciated by any seasoned ballet fan or performer. “A dance with two,” or pas de deux, typically calls for a lot of partnering. Accompanying someone can be challenging for reasons other than the lifts. It takes a lot of coordination between dancers, training, timing, and skill, so for Junpei returning to ballet, this is a significant occasion. Because Swan Lake is a “story ballet,” where every move, expression, and gesture is intended to further the plot and characters’ journeys, the Swan Lake pas de deux is especially noteworthy.

9) Fena Discovers The Lattice Stage
Fena: Pirate Princess
In Fena: Pirate Princess, Yukimaru watches Fena as she dances and unlocks the past after learning about the lattice stage. Fena’s dance has an agonising, ethereal quality to it, owing to her flowing white garment and the gentle, folk music playing in the background. Yes, just like a saint’s.

In his own way, Yukimaru is also dragged into the past. Tears spring up in his eyes as he recalls the little boy he was when he watched child-Fena dance on the ship Hope. Even while he stays silent, Yukimaru’s exquisitely depicted eyes convey his continued fascination with Fena as well as his desire to protect her. He’s utterly entranced by Fena, feeling the kind of love that’s so deep it aches, for such a stoic man.

8) Casca & Guts Get A Rare Moment Of Happiness
Berserk: The Golden Age Arc
Although critics and fans alike criticise Berserk: The Golden Age Arc for its awkward animation, there are aspects of the three-part anime that viewers enjoy. The ballroom dance between Casca and Guts was one of the scenes that furthered the character development and added to the story.

Wandering warriors Casca and Guts are the leaders of a group of sell-swords. They have very little knowledge about expensive wines, dance shoes, or elegant clothing. Nevertheless, when Guts spots Casca wearing a dress, it’s as if lightning strikes-she looks absolutely stunning. They capture a unique and priceless moment of joy as Casca attracts Guts to the dance floor, smiles, and spins him around.

7) Fakir Dances Out His Feelings
Princess Tutu
Fakir, Princess Tutu’s love interest, is full of dark feelings, much like the ideal shojo tsundere. The entire power system and magical girl changes in the series are based on classical music, dance choreography, and clothing, all of which have a strong balletic influence. Fakir’s dance sequence lacks a lot of magic, but it has just the right amount of sorrow.

As he obsesses over and explores his affections for Princess Tutu, Fakir dances wildly. Fakir does quick, ballet-accurate dance choreography to captivating, real classical music. Additionally, there are a lot of campy, slow-motion scenes where Fakir shows how conflicted he is. Fakir distinguishes himself from Mytho, the other male ballet dancer in Princess Tutu, in this dance moment as well. Both of them are graceful, skilled dancers, but Fakir’s technique is more aggressive and cutting.

6) Fine Is A Flirtatious Dancer
Vampire in the Garden
Fine is the perfect example of the dashing love interest that every excellent vampire romance requires in Vampire in the Garden. Her ballroom dancing sequence introduces her to the audience. She ignores expectations in favour of dancing and making flirtatious gestures with the courtesans.

Fine’s skillful dancing and enthusiasm for the arts hint at the affection she will have for someone who shares her appreciation of art and music. She dances because it helps her forget about her suffering and because she would rather live a happy life than take it. With her bat wings and flawless feet, Fine puts on quite the show when dancing. As the dance finishes, she whips a woman up into the air and lets her fall, allowing the audience to capture the damsel.

5) Edgar Encourages Lydia On The Dance Floor
Earl & Fairy
In Earl and Fairy, Edgar has a lengthy history of flirting shamelessly with Lydia. Throughout the twelve-episode romantic series, he maintains the same level of intensity. Edgar can be somewhat conceited, but Lydia is a strong woman who knows when to say no. Edgar and Lydia had to go to a lot of formal events together, such as balls and dinners, where Edgar has to wear tails and Lydia has to wear beautiful ball gowns.

Despite her strong will, Lydia still gets nervous in front of others. Lydia is self-conscious about her dancing and avoids the floor like a wallflower. She barely does one little dance before Edgar joins in. Edgar tells her that she’s doing well and that she’s gorgeous when they eventually dance together. Edgar believes that their dancing together is a metaphor for how their individual talents and shortcomings might operate as a pair. Their shojo Happily Ever After is hinted at by their matching flowers and black and white outfit.

4) Victor & Yuri Share A Dance On The Ice
Yuri!!! On ICE
Yuri! Victor and Yuri perform a stunning ice skating duet to cap off the season on On ICE. Victor soon joins Yuri as he begins to dance on a stage with dark lighting. A significant turning point for the mentor and mentee-turned-couple occurred.

The choreography by Victor and Yuri is exquisite and mesmerising. Victor lifts Yuri up and then lowers him into a sweeping dip as Yuri gives him a delicate hand. It showcases each of their unique qualities as sportsmen and as people. In this last work, the dancers communicate a great deal of affection and trust with each other through skating.