What Does it Take to Be a Great Bricklayer?

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What Does it Take to Be a Great Bricklayer?


Considering studying to become a bricklayer? Or maybe all you want to ascertain if bricklaying is the right career for you.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the qualities you’ll need to be a successful bricklayer.

The Characteristics of a Successful Bricklayer

  • Love doing practical work

Not everyone’s dream job is to spend their days typing away at a computer in an office. If you prefer a hands-on role, what could be more practical than constructing things? A bricklayer is continually working with their hands and is able to see and touch the results of their labour. Being a bricklayer is a concrete, gratifying, and extremely useful sort of job.

  • Capable of working outdoors and at heights

Being a bricklayer is certain to appeal to you if you enjoy spending as much time outside as possible. This is due to the fact that most of the time is spent outside. You may need to work at different heights for some jobs, so if you don’t mind occasionally being “a bit off the ground,” you shouldn’t have any issues either. If you work as a freelance builder or within your own business, you may need to have builders insurance in place to cover any risks you may encounter in your day-to-day work.

  • Great hand-eye coordination

Your hand and eye movement need to be “highly tuned” in order to perform a sport, play an instrument, or play computer games. The same is true of bricklaying! It is unquestionably advantageous in your work as a bricklayer if you have strong hand-eye coordination. Your final product will be completed faster and with more accuracy.

  • Technical ability

Bricklaying involves more than simply bricks and mortar. You must be aware of what you’re creating and the most effective approach before you start construction. To grasp a project and successfully carry it out, one has to be able to read off designs and have technical acumen.

  • Both a team player and an independent worker

A wonderful component of working in a bricklaying gang or on a building and construction project is working as a team to reach a satisfactory result. Great teamwork is the foundation of good productivity, but it’s as crucial to recognise that you will occasionally need to work alone. You should be able to work both with others and by yourself as a bricklayer, depending on the situation.

  • Good physical health

Being physically active is vital for a bricklayer since you perform extremely practical, hands-on work outside. The additional benefit is that bricklaying ought to improve your physical fitness! Bricklaying may be the ideal job for you if you enjoy working out and occasionally breaking a sweat.

  • Reliable

You can have all the other elements stated, but attitude and attendance are the two most crucial factors in the end. You’ll discover what’s possible as a bricklayer—and beyond—if you arrive at work on time with a positive attitude toward the job.This means that, in addition to having a wonderful job and a fantastic way of life at work, you also have the chance to further your career as a professional builder or as a manager in the building and construction sector.