Building Inspection Melton – What Type of Inspection Should I Get?

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Building Inspection Melton – What Type of Inspection Should I Get?


Melton is located in the western part of Melbourne greater city and hot ground for new development in the last few years. Properties buyers have an option The A building inspection is an evaluation of a building’s structure, system, and other key features. The inspector will check your property and provide you with a report on their finding. The buyers can then go to the seller or builder in case of a new house to fix the issues before you close the deal.

The type of building inspection depends upon the type of property you are buying as explained below:

Building Inspection in Melton
If you are buying an existing property or pre-build house in Melton then you need standard building inspection or pre-purchase inspection. The standard building inspection involves inspecting a building to see whether there are faults or abnormalities that can affect your conformability and safety when you start living in the house you bought with your hard-earned money. It is noticed that house have problems which could thousands of dollars or may leave you to house uninhabitable. Sometimes sellers are aware of the problems but do not disclose the issue to the buyers but when the inspector reveals these shortcomings, there is a smooth understanding between the parties involved. It is better to identify these problems before making the final payment to the seller.

It is important to choose a competent building inspector but it can be a challenging task sometimes because you have considered a lot of important things. Always consider hiring a building inspector with certification and good experience. You should invest time researching online or hire through Building Inspection Council. Only a professional inspector can identify all the major and minor problems in the property

New Home Inspection in Melton
In case you are getting a house built in Melton then you need a new home inspection. The new home inspection involves the 4-5 inspections which are carried out at different stages of construction. The new home inspection is important as there can be many construction defects that may cost a huge sum of money to fix. Some of the new home issues may even leave your property uninhabitable.

The new home defects refer to faulty design, inferior material, and poor workmanship which happens due to unprofessional designing, planning, supervision, inspection, construction, and management of the construction process. When the structure of the building or other important parts of the house are constructed as per the design or fail to perform in a manner expected by the buyer, then this qualifies as a construction defect or a new home defect.

New home defects are costly to repair and include the issues such as soil movement issues, the structural integrity of buildings, water penetration, mold, dampness protection issues, electrical problems, plumbing problems, fault indoors, issues with windows, surface finish to name a few. In general construction, defects can be categorized into 4 types: design defects, material defects, construction defects, and subsurface defects.

Asbestos testing Council recommends fixing the issues as soon as possible as one type of defect can lead to other problems and shoot up the costs for the building owner. For example, a poorly designed roof could become the reason for the water penetration, poor drainage, and inadequate structural support leaving it vulnerable to collapse. These kinds of construction defects related to roofs can lead to numerous problems and cost the building owner huge money.

Although legal options are available for the property buyers who are struggling with losses due to defects but these building defects laws are complicated and time-consuming. The legal option can help you seek compensation for the cost associated with the defects. To make the best use of this legal channel, you should seek the help of professionals trained with construction defects.

Although legal help may help you get the compensation you should not depend on it and hire a professional inspector for stage inspection. This will avoid the conflict between you and the builder and get the construction defects fixed before it is too late. The construction inspection is carried out in 5 stages at end of each stage. The inspection will provide a list of problems in the building which can be fixed before the start of the next stage. This inspector should be hired before the commencement of construction in the vicinity of Melton.

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