Design Plastic Bearing in addition to Metal Compound Bearing

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Design Plastic Bearing in addition to Metal Compound Bearing


At present the used bearings may be classified into rolling bearing and falling bearing. As regarding their working theory, people can separate them from their very own names. Once the moving bearing is within functioning, the occurred chaffing is called running friction. When the particular sliding bearing is in operation, the friction is called falling friction. How much the rolling friction is dependent on the bearing’s manufacturing accuracy. As for the amount of the sliding scrubbing, it has a close relationship along with the material in the bearing’s sliding surface. the working surface area in the rolling showing gets the self-lubricating perform. In line with the material, the particular sliding bearing can certainly be grouped straight into non-metal sliding keeping and metal moving bearing.

Available in the market, typically the plastic bearing is the main representative in the particular non-metal sliding keeping. Generally situation the particular plastic bearing is usually made by typically the engineering plastics together with a relatively very good property. The expert factories are generally good at the technologies such as self-lubricating technology of the engineering plastics. By means of the fiber, unique lubrication, glass bead and so on the subject of the self-lubricating real estate can be enhanced. And then within use from the dealt with engineering plastics, the self-lubricating plastic bearing can be prepared by the way of injection technological innovation. At present, the such as IGUS in Germany, CSB in China will be quite excellent in this field all over the world.

Now the the majority of popular metal slipping bearing is three-layer compound bearing. The particular carbon steel dish is the basic plate of this bearing. Firstly, by way of the sintering technological innovation a layer regarding ball-shaped copper powder will be sintered on the carbon dioxide steel plate. Well then a layer regarding 0. 03mm PTFE lubricant will probably be sintered on the level of the copper powder. The perform from the ball-shaped copper powder is to be able to enhance the bonding strength between the carbon steel menu and PTFE. Elaborate more, functioning that can have typically the function of help and lubrication. GGB company in the USA, OILES firm in Japan in addition to CSB company within China are typically the professional manufacturers.

By the above-mentioned launch, it can be concluded that the Plastic material Bearing and steel sliding bearing possess the following variations. Firstly, the total plastic bearing is the lubricating substance and it offers a lengthy operation life. As for typically the metal sliding showing, only the 0. 003mm PTFE is typically the lubricating layer. Whenever the thin layer is removed, the operation life of the bearing is over. Secondly, the plastic bearing is rust-proof and corrosion-proof. washing with deionized water should definitely metal bearing, you can easily rust and are unable to be used in typically the chemical liquid. Thirdly, compared with the metal bearing, the cost of the plastic supporting is leaner. Besides, right now there is no sound when the plastic-type bearing is throughout operation which bearing has the performance of vibration absorption.

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